The Wedding Trends For 2023

It is a new year and it is that time to think about trends for the forthcoming year. 

What will the wedding trends of 2023 be?

No one knows for absolute certain but it is super fun to speculate.  I love looking at all the blogs and social media at this time of year to get a grasp of what is in and what is out in the world of weddings.  

In our own diary, we have a lot of delicious multi tiered buttercream iced cakes and decadent dessert tables booked in for 2023. 



My first point of call when researching the wedding trends is always Vogue, and this year they predict buddymoons, bows and buttonholes will be all the rage.

While reading there Biggest Wedding Trends of 2023 article, I was very excited to note renowned event production and design agency, Liz Linkleter words, who feels “it’s an exciting time to be working in weddings, as they are more creative, more unique and more personal than ever before”. I completely echo this thought, and also agree with what creative agency, My Beautiful City, says. They add “it’s become more accepted to have the day just how the couple want, rather than the pressure and expectation of how it should be.” I am so glad couples are moving this way, after all it is your special day and it should be 100% how and what you want it to be. 


Vogue also has another wedding trends article, this time citing What Trends Are In and Out for 2023. They list a number of different ideas, and one trend that caught my eye was cakes, Vogue predicts over the top wedding cakes will be back for 2023. Renowned US event planner Rebecca Gardner states in the article that “gigantic, over-the-top wedding cakes are back. I had one wedding with a five-foot buttercream confection covered in dried flowers from Loria Stern that happened to match the mother-of-the-bride's Oscar dress. We served it with big scoops of vanilla ice cream late at night with pizza and espresso martinis. Big time.”


I have to say, I do love the idea of serving cake with big scoops of icing and delicious cocktails. How will you serve your wedding cake? 


Rock My Wedding

Rock My Wedding is my next port of call for researching wedding trends. Rock My Wedding has to be one of the biggest wedding authority blogs around, and it is brilliant it you are looking for something a little different. They predict, retro wedding cakes (or kitsch cakes) will be all the rage. I love these styles of cakes, and I can’t wait for us to create them for our couples this year. Go as colourful as you like, or pair it back and go for white on white.  They also predict feathers, streamer & drapes will be a trend for the decor element, and mocktails will dominate as many move away from alcohol laced drinks. 


Guides For Brides

Guides For Brides share a very comprehensive list of trends for this year. They list 23 wedding trends for 2023!  There detailed list, offers ideas on what the Pantone colour of the year (Viva Magenta - a reddy pink colour), to holding private last dances (just couple, the DJ and the photographer), to outfit changes and more.  It is a great list, filled with lots of fantastic wedding ideas. 



I am going to leave you with a few fabulous Instagram posts I have found on the subject of wedding trends for 2023 too.  Searching the hashtags #weddingtrends2023 will also bring up some super posts, but I didn’t want to overwhelm this blog!


ByChenai Events 



Nobleman Sparrow




Ross Willsher Photography 



My Thoughts 

When I started researching 2023 wedding trends, I wasn’t entirely to sure what would jump out at me. It is great fun to read all the new trends and explore the wonderful wedding ideas.  I would certainly keep them in mind if I was planning my wedding. Though, the trend I love the most, it is the one where you make your wedding your own. Take inspiration from everywhere, enjoy every step of the wedding planning journey and have the best weekend/day/afternoon/morning/night, whatever you choose 🤗.


What trends, if any, are you going to choose for your wedding?


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If you would like to enquirer about a bespoke cake for you wedding, please do not hesitate to contact my colleague Jo for more information or a quote. 

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