6 delicious chocolate cake flavours for chocoholics!



This blog is dedicated to all those wonderful chocoholics within our Vanilla Pod Bakery community who, just like me, can not live without the mouth-watering taste of decadent, luxurious chocolate cake!

If you hadn’t noticed by my introduction I love chocolate … in any form! I thought I had tasted all the chocolate cakes I needed until I started working for the Vanilla Pod Bakery in 2021 and realised my love for chocolate was about to expand.

My first taste of our delicious Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake flavour was one to be remembered, it was out of this world - the right combination of fluffy chocolate sponge, with a classic but delicious buttercream and wonderful milk chocolate ganache to top off the experience - I was in chocolate heaven (imagine Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!)

Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake


So obviously my first chocolate flavour recommendation for chocoholics has to be our Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake!  


My second recommendation would have to be our equally delicious Orange & Chocolate Cake flavour. This is a wonderful orange flavour sponge sandwiched with our delicious belgian chocolate buttercream, incorporating fresh orange zest, to create the most amazing explosion of flavours - a huge hit with any chocoholic I’m sure!


White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake 


 Our White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake flavour is a wonderful addition to our top six chocoholic flavours. Our studio creates a delicious white chocolate sponge which is then sandwiched with raspberry jam, white chocolate ganache, white chocolate chips and white chocolate buttercream. This combination brings a soft delicate chocolate flavour which melts in your mouth with the sharpness of the fresh raspberries - doesn’t it sound delicious?


Here at the Vanilla Pod Bakery we have many delightful flavours to choose from which makes this list so difficult to create, but number four on my list of flavours has to be our classic Madagascan Vanilla & Chocolate Cake. This flavour takes our delicious Madagascan Vanilla Cake and injects a wonderful element of Belgian chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate ganache for those of us who need to have chocolate in our lives. A timeless combination which will always bring a smile to the recipient's face!


Red Velvet Cake


Another one of my recommended chocolate flavours has to be our stunning Red Velvet Cake. What is not to love about a bright red coloured chocolate sponge sandwiched with a luxurious Madagascan vanilla buttercream. A subtle chocolatey flavour - a firm studio favourite.


“I have to ask, is this blog making you hungry? I’m off to see what is baking in the studio in a minute, I hope there's some chocolate cake!!”


My last recommendation of chocolate flavours for chocoholics has to be our fabulous Cookies and Cream Cake - with a more biscuity texture created by crushing Oreo biscuits into both the sponge and the buttercream, you step away slightly from the traditional chocolate flavour to find a wonderful luxurious alternative. 



Jo’s 6 Chocolate Cake flavours for chocoholics!

  1. Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake
  2. Orange & Chocolate Cake
  3. White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake
  4. Madagascan Vanilla & Chocolate Cake
  5. Red Velvet Cake
  6. Cookies and Cream Cake



Don’t forget you can enjoy these mouth-watering flavours for your wedding cake, and if you would like to taste them before hand, why not purchase a wonderful Tasting Boxes, which can be posted direct to your home. 



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