Winning Wedding Cake and Cocktail Combinations

A Fairy Tale Fusion of Mouth-watering Wedding Cake flavours and Cocktail Combinations

Welcome to the delight of matching your wedding cake with the perfect cocktail. A craft that The Vanilla Pod Bakery are more than excited to share with future brides and grooms.

Here, we list the perfect pairings for the perfect couple. Let the cake and cocktails kick the evening celebrations off with a bang.

Considerations for Pairing

Pairing a wedding cake with a cocktail is more than a union of sugar and spirits. It calls for finesse and understanding, but it can also be very easy and fun to do. 

Matching Sweetness Levels

The art of flavour profiling is what marries food and drink together in a way you may not have thought of. Finding the balance is what tickles your tastebuds the right way. The sweetness of your cocktail should complement, not overpower, the cake. Likewise, the sweetness of the cake should not be outshone by a dry martini. A great example is how a sweet vanilla buttercream is toned down by a dry gentle fizz of champagne. 

Painting a Picture

It's almost guaranteed that your wedding will follow some sort of theme. Whether it's inspired by a place, colour, or favourite film. Continue to tell your story and capture the mood with food and drink choices. Want to make a toast to your engagement in Spain? Consider Sangria and Paella as part of your menu. Are you both music mad and planning a festival inspired wedding? Serve crisp cider and hire food trucks fit for Glastonbury. There’s something suitable for all the newlyweds to-be. 

Flavour of the Month 

When planning your wedding, the time of year is important to consider. Whether it's choice of location, selection of bridal flowers, or your photography options. It also pays to match the season with your decision on food and drink. Selecting seasonal produce won't only be easier to get a hold of, it'll taste better too. Think about what your guests will want in relation to the weather, will Pimm’s really be the best option for a wedding in November? 


A Love Story of Wedding Cakes and Cocktails

Tried and tested matches that'll never go out of style, and trendier picks to tantalise the tastebuds.

Three Classic Partnerships

1. A Glass of Champagne and Vanilla Cake

A timeless combination perfect for a classic, elegant wedding. The light champagne matches the airy sponge, and the sweetness adds to its delicacy. Opt for a Buck's Fizz if you want some added tang, or a Bellini for a fruity twist.

2. A Black Forest Martini and Red Velvet Cake

The vibrancy and irresistible creamy frosting of a red velvet cake is loved by most. A delightful duo, this blend unites rich flavours of chocolate and tart cherries. The chocolate vodka enriches the cocoa, and the black cherry liqueur adds subtle sweetness.

3. A Spiced Rum Old Fashioned and Chocolate Cake 

The indulgent chocolate fudge cake may be messy, but it remains a firm favourite. It's best partnered with heated flavours like the spice in this classic cocktail. The sweetness of the chocolate and the warmth of the rum creates a signature blend for chocoholics and rum lovers.

Five Unique Couplings

1. A Blackberry Sage Smash and Lemon Cake

The tanginess of the lemon is balanced by sweet blackberries and notes of sage. The herbal aromas add depth, and the fruit infusion is ever so refreshing. This is ideal for an outdoor wedding as it screams summer.

2. Cinnamon Whiskey Sour and Carrot Cake

Carrot cake reaches new heights when paired with cinnamon and whiskey. The warm and earthy notes of the cake are levelled up with the spice of the whiskey. It creates a unique blend that is unforgettable and packs a real autumnal punch.

3. Pineapple Mojito and Coconut Cake

The tropical flavours of coconut and pineapple are a refreshing combination that take you on holiday. Made for beachside sipping, the crispness of the mint cuts through the silky coconut. It's a match made in heaven for a wedding abroad, or for the couple already in honeymoon mode.

4. Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan and Confetti Cake

For those who are playful and love pink, this duo is a must. The colourful confetti cake tastes great with the added sugar hit of this cocktail. It’s anything but boring and beautifully sweet, ideal for the ‘Barbie and Ken’ kind of couple. If nothing else, it's a visual masterpiece that's certain to get the guests talking.

5. Irish Coffee and Coffee Cake

If you're thinking of getting wed around brunch, then it calls for a caffeine kick. The coffee and whiskey complements the rich flavours of a classic coffee cake. That warmth of the whiskey balances out the sweetness of the cake. Move over the morning mimosa! This is the new way to enjoy a tipple before midday.


A Memorable Toast to the Newlyweds

A flavour fusion of wedding cake and cocktail displays another act of romance. It's a chance to show individuality, tell your love story and just have fun. So, why not have a wedding toast that you, and your tastebuds, will never forget.

The Vanilla Pod Bakery hopes this gives you the confidence to get creative with your wedding reception Cocktails and Cake. If you’d like to contact us for all your cake queries, we’d be honoured to be a part of your special


Guest post by Holly Dodd

Beautiful images by Theresa Furey Photography.


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