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The UK is a charming wedding destination. The allure of the fresh, unspoilt countryside, historic houses and wealth of tradition makes it a popular choice for many couples from across the world, who are looking to host an elegant, stress-free event. Outside of London, areas such as the Cotswolds hold a special place in many people’s hearts, and so become a prime location for lovebirds looking to start married life.


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The countryside in England is so beautiful that getting married outdoors is a tempting option, especially during the summer months. But what do you need to know to make the day run smoothly? In this post, we outline some of the key things to think about.

You’ll need to have the correct visa

If you’re already a resident in the UK, or your partner is, then things will be a little easier for you. You can simply give notice, and get planning. However, if you’re arriving from abroad to tie the knot, you’ll need to check if you need a visa, and apply for that first. You can only apply for a marriage visa three months before you travel, and the decision takes up to three weeks – so it’s best to get it sorted as early as possible. Whilst most people shouldn’t have any issues, it is important to understand that you need this crucial piece of documentation to go ahead.

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You no longer have to get married under a canopy

A few years ago, getting married outdoors in the UK meant that you needed to hold your ceremony under a permanent outdoor structure such as a bandstand – you couldn’t just put up a flower arch and some chairs. However, during the pandemic, the rules were relaxed to allow outdoor ceremonies to take place in any location, as long as they were on the grounds of an approved premises.


This means couples have more freedom when it comes to creating their dream day, and can avoid cookie-cutter wedding photos that look the same as the couple that got married at the venue the previous week. You truly have a chance to create something unique that reflects your relationship and your commitment to each other.


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The weather can be extremely changeable

The UK is known for its temperamental climate, with rain appearing in the middle of August and bright, hot sunshine in March. For anyone planning an outdoor wedding, this means you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Having a backup location for your ceremony agreed with your venue can help you feel reassured that no matter what happens, you’ll have a wonderful day.


As well as thinking about yourselves, consider your guests. Sitting in hot sunshine or unexpected cooler temperatures can be uncomfortable and distract from their enjoyment of your moment. However, no one wants rain jackets or old umbrellas in their wedding photos. Organising some colour-coordinated umbrellas, cosy blankets or even just supplying sunscreen can go a long way to making your guests feel happy. When it comes to your couple’s shoot, you have a choice – either purchase clear umbrellas and be prepared to make the most of the weather, or move the session indoors.

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Celebrate in the beauty of the English countryside

Getting married in the UK is a timeless choice, and one you won’t regret. Make sure to start planning in advance to secure the best suppliers to make your dreams of an elegant event a reality.


Guest Post written by 77 Diamonds 



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