Sugar flowers, fresh flowers or edible flowers - Which Flowers will you choose for your wedding cake?

 How exciting to find yourself thinking of your perfect and stunning wedding cake!


You have fallen in love with the idea of having flowers on your stunning cake … and who wouldn’t.  But now you are stuck between the choosing what type of flower to dress your perfect wedding! Do you choose sugar flowers, fresh flowers, faux flowers, wafer flowers or even edible flowers. How will know what to choose for your special day. 

Don’t worry, Vanilla Pod Bakery is here to help! Today, I’m looking forward to exploring each of the above flower choices with you, and helping by highlighting the main features of each option. 


Having flowers as part of your luxurious wedding cake can change the look of your design instantly, and will have a different style and impact depending on the style of flower you choose, the medium you opt for (sugar, fresh, dried, faux, wafer),  the size of the florals, the colour and how they are displayed.


No matter what type of flower you choose, wedding cake flowers can be tailored to meet most budget ranges and can be personalised to match your beautiful wedding day theme and chosen colours.


Buttercream and Sugar Flower 3 Tiered Wedding Cake at Dumbleton Hall


Sugar Flowers

Let's start by looking at beautiful handmade exquisitely crafted sugar flowers - these will bring a touch of luxury to any wedding cake!


Sugar flowers can be created to be any type of flower you have fallen in love with as they are not seasonal. Therefore, if you have always wished for Dahlias or Freesia’s, but your special wedding day is in the winter months then having them created in sugar is perfect. Your wedding cake could be decorated with your favourite or meaningful flowers whatever the season.


Not only do sugar flowers provide a unique and eye-catching display once placed delicately onto your wedding cake, they can also be captured after your special day as a keepsake display. Framing your beautiful sugar flowers can also provide you with a sentimental and treasured memento of your stunning wedding cake forever.


If you are interested in framing sugar flowers from the Vanilla Pod Bakery, please do talk to us as this is a service we offer.  


Fresh flowers and gold leaf decorating a wedding cake at Stone Barn


Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a gorgeous addition to the your wedding cake.

They add a beautiful relaxed yet elegant look to a wedding cake, there is something really special about using the fresh flowers on your wedding cake.  

If you commission your wedding cake with the Vanilla Pod Bakery, we would liaise with your talented florist. Ensuring that the flowers used to dress your wedding cake, also match your overall wedding flowers and bouquet. This is a wonderful way to ensure consistency with colours, designs and textures throughout your wedding. 

Fresh flowers are seasonal, and therefore you will may need some guidance to ensure the florals you would like for your wedding cake are in season, and therefore looking their best.

Peonies for instance are such a beautiful blooms and a very popular wedding flower. But they are only in season between late spring - early summer, starting in April and through the months of May and June.

Roses, on the other hand can typically be purchased all year round, however, bear in mind that certain types of roses, such as English David Austin Roses are only available between late spring until autumn. 

Word of warning, remember not all fresh flowers are safe to use on cakes, and it vital to consider this when thinking of flowers to dress your cake.  

Pressed Dried Flower Three Tiered Wedding Cake

Dried Pressed Flower Cake - Hyde House - Image by: Emily Collett Photograpy


Dried Pressed Edible Flowers

 How pretty does this wedding cake look?

Using dried pressed edible flowers with the stems, just the flower head or individual petals is such a unique and creative way to include beautiful florals in your wedding cake design.  What a wonderful way to include nature in your wedding cake design too!

Over the years, we have been given the honour of creating some stunning wedding cakes which included dried pressed edible flowers and fresh edible flowers. Is look is fast becoming a new trend, and very fashionable for 2023 and 2024 weddings. 

Designing a cake with edible flowers is truly unique, as no two flowers are ever the same. It is a really innovative way to create a beautiful statement design, a wonderful way to show your creative side!

In terms of how to display these type of flowers on your wedding cake, you could go for a beautiful display of dried pressed edible petals cascading around the entire cake. Alternatively, you could place the florals in a higgledy piggledy fashion, or have them neatly arranged (like the above cake). 

You could always have your cake designed to incorporate both dried pressed edible flowers and fresh edible flowers (like the below).

We source our wonderful edible flowers from organic flowers growers in either Devon or Norfolk.

  Edible dried and pressed flowers on a birthday cake

Edible fresh and dried pressed floral cake


Wafer Flowers

The new additional to the cake flower family. Wafer flowers are becoming more and more popular. They are delicate beautiful flowers made out of wafer paper, they bring a fantastic whimsical element to a wedding cake.

We are new to the scene with these gorgeous flowers, and are busy perfecting how we create them.  But as soon as we have pictures of Vanilla Pod Bakery cakes with wafer paper flowers, we will be uploading them to this blog.


Faux flowers on semi naked wedding cake at Manor by the Lake

Purple faux flowers dressed on a semi naked wedding cake - Manor by the Lake - Image by: Phil Webb Photography 


Faux Flowers

Faux flowers, fake flowers, silk flowers, whichever term you use are another great way to dress a wedding cake. Over the years, these types of flowers have vastly improved in quality and you can get some amazing faux flowers nowadays. Often couples look at this as a less expensive option, but that is not always the case. 

Like handmade sugar flowers and wafer flowers, you can happily use out of season flowers when exploring this option. As well as going for colours not usually associated with certain types of flowers, royal blue roses for instances. 


Pia and Dee setting up a Vanilla Pod Bakery Cake

Pia and Dee Dressing a 4 Tiered Wedding Cake - Cider Mills Barn - Image by: Natalie J Wedding Photographer


Dressing your wedding cake with flowers

When it comes to dressing your wedding cake there are so many different ways you can choose to display your flower medium of choice.

From elegant posies on each tier, to a romantic cascade of flowers trailing down your cake, to a single flower crowning the top of the cake and more. The options are endless, each bringing with them a unique and individual style, making it beautiful personal to you and your wedding.


Selection of wedding cakes

Selection of Vanilla Pod Bakery wedding cakes


My Thoughts

 I hope you have found the above information useful and interesting. 

At the Vanilla Pod Bakery our passion is creating bespoke cakes.  Using flowers, whether you choose fresh, sugar or edible means we can design your perfect wedding cake filled with your own personal touches of colour, textures and sentimental value.


If you would like us to create a quote for you, please do contact me via our contact page here. I can’t wait to hear about your wedding plans and how you would love us to incorporate flowers into your wedding cake design. 


Which flower type will you go for?



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