Beautiful Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a wonderful way to add colour, interest and mouth watering flavours to your wedding day. 

They can be a luxury alternative to a traditional wedding cake or can be an added extra to complement your bespoke wedding cake display. 

There are so many amazing ways that your cupcakes can be decorated and styled. 

At the Vanilla Pod Bakery we really love cupcakes.  These dainty treats are the cake that launched the Vanilla Pod Bakery back in 2009, over the years we have created 1000s and 1000s of cupcakes. They are such a fabulous cake for a wedding, a perfect individual dessert for your guests. 

In this blog, we take a look at the different ways you can display your wedding cupcakes, our top decoration options for cupcakes,  and what type of mouth-watering flavours you can choose. 

 Cupcakes - wedding -

Cupcake Tower at the Minster Mill - Image by Neil Hanson Photography.


Wonderful Wedding Cupcake Display Ideas 

You are considering beautiful cupcakes for your wedding day, but not sure how you would like to style them. There are a vast array of different cupcake styling options out there. I have put some of our most popular options below: 


Asian inspired wedding cupcake tower - reds, oranges, pinks

Wedding Cupcake Tower at Manor By the Lake


Wedding Cupcake Tower

The most popular option by far. A show stopping cupcake tower is a real statement centrepiece. It can be created with an array of different size cupcakes. At the Vanilla Pod Bakery we have three different sizes of cupcakes, regular size, fairy size or bite size. All look fantastic displayed as towers, and many of our couples opt for a wonderful combination of all three sizes.  

Classic Wedding Cupcake Tower

Wedding Cupcake Tower at Manor by the Lake

The beautiful tower can be finished with a luxurious top cake, the perfect cutting cake. Or you can keep it simple and have a complete tower of elegant cupcakes. Which option would you choose?


Ombre Wedding Cupcake Tower

Wedding Cupcake Tower at Anthology Farm

We feel it is important that the wedding cake display complements your wedding day.  A wedding cupcake tower is no exception, and it can be decorated to complement your wedding colours, theme and vibe. Interspersing your wedding flowers amongst the cupcakes to match your bouquet and table centrepieces really finishes the look, and makes it a beautiful show stopper. 




Buttercream flower cupcake display in flower pots on wooden crates

Wedding Flower Cupcakes at No.131 The House 


Iced Wedding Cupcake Flower Display

One of my favourite looks! Can you imagine a display of delicious cupcakes decorated and curated to look like an array of beautiful flowers?

This is such a gorgeous and unique way to showcase your wedding cupcakes. We absolutely love these floral buttercream cupcake displays.  

Flower Cupcake Wedding Cake Display
Wedding Flower Cupcakes

At the Vanilla Pod Bakery we work with our couples to match their flower inspired wedding cupcakes to their wedding flowers. We can create sunflowers, daisies, roses, tulips and many more beautiful buttercream iced flowers. We can also create edible flowers from sugarpaste and fondant. 

When displaying this type of cupcake, it is fantastic to think outside of the box.  In the past we have styled this look using silver bowls, actual flower pots, and crates to add an element of height to the display. With each wedding creation being so unique and capturing the couple’s wedding theme.




Cupcake display on different height cake stands at Euridge Manor

Wedding Cupcakes at Euridge Manor

Wedding Cupcakes as part of a Dessert Table on different height cake stands

Displaying your delicious cupcakes alongside other dessert items is another wonderful way to provide a showstopping table for your lovely guests. It is a feast for the eyes, and not only can you offer an array of cupcakes. But you can also offer your guests chocolate brownies, macarons, iced biscuits and more.

Dessert table at the Old Gore barn, Yard Space, Chocolate brownies, cupcakes, biscuits, macarons and fresh flowers
Wedding Dessert Table at Yard Space, Old Gore Barn

When styling a beautiful dessert table, whether it is just cupcakes or includes other desserts. It is great to use different height cake stands and crates to add interest. And to complete the look with fresh flowers and foliage. -  How beautiful is this display at the Old Gore Barn, nr Cirencester?



Cupcakes Displayed Around Your Wedding Cake

Four Tiered Wedding Cake, sugar flowers, fresh flowers and cupcakes

Wedding cake and wedding cupcakes at Eastington Park

Surrounding your wedding cake with cupcakes is another elegant way to display cupcakes on your wedding day. Styled this way, cupcakes surrounding your wedding cake make a beautiful display. Often couples request the additional cupcakes to be for the children at the wedding, Vanilla Pod Bakery fairy size cupcakes are perfect for this . Alternatively, many couples request cupcakes to that they can be for their guests who have dietary requirements. In our cake studio, we can create vegan, gluten free or vegan gluten free cupcakes.




Cupcake Decoration Choices

As well as thinking of how to display the cupcakes on your wedding day.  Thinking about how they are decorated is all part of the wonderful cupcake journey too. 

At the Vanilla Pod Bakery we have created 1000s and 1000s of cupcakes over the years and below I have compiled our favourite cupcake decoration types.


Buttercream Swirl Cupcakes

Classic buttercream swirl cupcakes


Beautiful buttercream swirls, the classic and elegant cupcake swirl. These can be topped with a variety of decorations for your special day and colour matched to your wedding colours. From hand piped toppers with a personalised message, to sprinkles, edible glitter, biscuits, fresh fruit, hints of edible 24ct gold leaf, chocolate, fondant flowers, edible images and more - the choices are endless!


Buttercream Flower Cupcakes

Buttercream flowers at Vanilla Pod Bakery

How stunning is this design?

From tulips to roses, sunflowers to daisies, to ranunculus and dahlias, the flower design choice is as beautiful as a country garden!

Buttercream flower cupcakes are increasing in popularity every year. They look fantastic displayed as cupcake towers, unique flower pot displays, around a wedding cake and even just in a beautiful box. Buttercream flowers are a show stopping way to decorate cupcakes. 


Buttercream Floral Inspired Swirl Cupcakes

Floral Buttercream Cupcakes

Very similar to the buttercream flowers, but slightly more abstract. These gorgeous cupcakes are decorated with delicious fluffy buttercream. They are very elegant, and look beautiful in one colour, of a combination of colours to match your wedding day.


Fondant Topped Cupcakes

White fondant topped cupcakes

Wedding Cupcake Image by Ria Mishaal at Barnsley House

Not as popular as they once were, but ever so pretty. Fondant topped cupcakes are the most luxurious of cupcakes. Topped with a small layer of buttercream, or chocolate ganache and then iced with a fondant dome. These beautiful cupcakes look stunning dressed with a little edible lace, a scattering of pearls or topped with a beautiful sugar flower. 


Blue and white cupcakes

Wedding cupcake tower at Sudeley Castle

Colouring matching your Cupcakes 

Colour matching the buttercream or fondant tops of your cupcakes to your wedding day theme is something a good cake maker will recommend. At the Vanilla Pod Bakery, we love to work closely with our couples and spend time colour matching the beautiful cupcake display to complement the wedding colours of the day. 



Mouth - watering flavours

A wedding cupcake display not only has to look good but has to taste amazing as well. Our team will create your wedding cupcakes as close to the day as possible, often on the day itself. So you can rest assured that they will be wonderfully fresh. 

 Cupcake Tower

At the Vanilla Pod Bakery we can create cupcakes in over 20 different flavours, take a look at our menu here. Though we do suggest limiting the flavours to between 1 -6 choices, depending on the number of cupcakes you have ordered for your wedding day. The most popular cupcake flavours tend to be, Lemon Drizzle Curd, White Chocolate & Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Madagascan Vanilla and my favourite, the mouth-watering Belgian Chocolate Truffle.  Which would you choose?

We can create the majority of the flavours on our menu as dietary requirement cupcakes too. Some may have to be tweaked to ensure they are safe to eat for your dietary requirement guests, but they will be just as delicious. However, please note that we do bake and create the cakes in the same environment we create our non dietary cakes, so we can’t guarantee there won’t be traces of wheat, gluten, eggs, nuts and dairy. 


Fondant sugarpaste flower topped cupcakes

If you would like to taste our cakes, please do head over to our cupcake page and order a box of fresh baked cakes (for collection and hand delivery around the Cotswolds only). Alternatively, if you can’t get to our studio, our luxury cake tasting boxes are another fantastic way to sample a selection of our flavours in the comfort of your own home. 




My Thoughts

I have loved reflecting on delicious cupcakes, looking at different options and styles to explain in this blog. 

At the Vanilla Pod Bakery our cupcakes can be a wonderful addition to any wedding, birthday celebration, baby shower or hen party, and can be tailored to match any dietary requirement.


Cupcake Tower

If you would love to hear more about our wedding cupcakes or to place an order, please contact me and I will be super excited to speak with you!


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