5 Popular Ways To Serve Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are stunning masterpieces in their own right, but let’s not forget they are also a truly delicious cake to enjoy too. We have worked with hundreds of couples over the years and it is always exciting to explore how each couple would like to serve their wedding cake on their wedding day.

To help you on your wedding journey, I have put together the five most popular ways in which wedding cakes are served:


1. Finger portions during the evening buffet

This is by far the most popular option for our couples. Serving mouth-watering finger size portions of approximately 1”x1”x6” alongside the evening buffet. Many of our couples choose different flavours per tier so their guests can have a choice of cake flavours to choose from.  Our couples also tend to commission their wedding stationers to make elegant little signs showcasing the different flavours and allergens.


2. As canapés after the ceremony

I really love this idea, this does mean the cake cutting has to take place soon after the wedding ceremony.  However, it is a wonderful way to serve the cake with drinks during cocktail hour, not all canapés have to be savoury.  Any remaining cake can then be served during the evening buffet.


3. As an elegant plated dessert

If you want to ensure your wedding cake gets eaten, then serving it as dessert is the way forward. This is the second most popular option. For plated dessert size portions we recommend cutting the cake into slices of 1”x2”x6”. Couples tend to keep the cake flavour to one or two choices and serve the plated cake portion with a quenelle of fresh whipped cream or ice cream. You could even ask your caterers to add berries or nuts to the plate to make it a wonderfully elegant dessert. With the wedding cake plated as dessert, kitchen cakes are a must, as they help your caterers serve the dessert on time. Kitchen cakes are undecorated cakes that are delivered direct to the kitchen and can be portioned ahead of time.


4. Family sharing platter style

Very similar to the plated option above, this style of cake dessert sees the wedding cake cut up into portions and served on a platter in the middle of the table. Guests are then able to help themselves to one or two slices. More often or not, this option sees the cake served as finger portions and our couples tend choose a number of different cake flavours for their guests.  Couples can also talk to their caterers and ask for big bowls of berries and cream to be provided on the tables for their guests serve with their wedding cake.


5. A take home gift

If you would rather your guests enjoy your wedding cake in their hotel room or at home the next day, then asking your caterers or wedding team to portion your wedding cake and pop it in individual boxes is a wonderful way to savour the wedding day. Your guests can leave your wedding with a delicious treat and happy memories.


We are more than happy to talk you through all of these wonderful options and can happily liaise with your catering team and wedding planning team in the lead up to your wedding.



If you would like to explore wedding cake quotes and design options please contact my Studio Manager, Jo, or schedule an initial wedding cake consultation with myself and we will be more than happy to help.


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