Chocolate Brownie Buttercream Cake - Shallow Cake Range

  • $177.00


Collections: Birthday Cakes, Shallow 3” Height Cakes, Special Celebration Cakes

Delicious vanilla buttercream iced cake decorated with bite size triple chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate buttercream and sprinkles.


Introducing our shallow cake range. Each customisable cake in this range is approx. three inches in height and consists of two layers of sponge and one layer of filling. 


Portion sizes: Finger portions 1"x1"x3" | Dessert portions 1"x2"x3"


Our luxury Vanilla Pod Bakery are presented on a white cake board, in bakery box and include a packet of elegant gold birthday candles.

Cakes may look slightly different to pictures showcased here as all cakes are handmade to order. 

Standard cake may contain: Wheat, gluten, eggs, soya, nuts and dairy (milk)