How to Cut Your Cake Like a Professional

Cutting a wedding or luxurious bor th day cake to get the most cake out of it is slightly different to cutting indulgent style wedges. 

While we love a wedge of cake at the Vanilla Pod Bakery, we work with industry standard cake sizes, so you can maximum the number of portions for your mouth-watering wedding or birthday cake.

Professional UK cake makers and caterers tend to work with 1”x1” x height of your cake for wonderful finger size cake portions and 1”x2” x height of your cake for delicious dessert size cake portions. 

I advise cutting finger cake portions for when you are serving the cake as the added extra, and going with dessert portions, when you are serving it as dessert.

There are lots more ideals in which you can serve your cake on our blog here..


Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to cut your wedding or birthday cake like a professional: 



How to Cut Your Wedding or Birthday Cake Like a Professional  in 3 Steps:

Step 1: Using a sharp knife move it 1" from the cakes outer edge and cut vertically. 

Step 2: Gently place this strip of cake on a chopping board and horizontally portion into 1" or 2" size slices. 

Step 3: Repeat the above process until all the cake is cut. 

Bonus tip - To achieve a professional finish wipe your knife clean after every cut. 

Once the cake is cut place the portions of cake on a plate and cover with fold wrap or a cake cover until ready to eat.  It is extremely important to keep the cake covered until needed to avoid the cake drying in the air.


Cake Portions Sizes To Remember: 
Finger portions 1" x 1" x Cake height 
Dessert portions 1" x 2" x Cake height
If you would like to order a delicious couture Vanilla Pod Bakery wedding or birthday cake please contact us here. Alternatively, please visit our online celebration cake shop.


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