7 Reasons to have your next party with the Vanilla Pod Bakery!

If you are looking for a fabulous fun filled activity for your next party then look no further. At the Vanilla Pod Bakery you can choose from a range of immersive cake decorating activities that suit a variety of ages. The best thing is no skills are needed and you get to eat cake!

We have put together 7 super reasons to have a Vanilla Pod Bakery Cake Decoration Experience for your next party or celebration.


1. Perfect for hen parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers to staff events and team building occasions 

No matter what you are celebrating, cake and cupcake decorating parties are a brilliant interactive activity for your next party. 


2. Your place or ours!

Our Cheltenham based cake studio can host up to 20 guests. We have a dedicated event room on the ground floor of our studio, or we can host the parties in our main kitchen studio. Alternatively, we can come to you! We don’t mind travelling and can host our workshops and parties at a location of your choice. 

3. Each guest gets to go home with delicious cake - that they have decorated!

Some say this is the best part!! Each guest gets to go home with a delicious cake or box of cupcakes that they have decorated. Depending on the party, guests will either bake their cake/cupcakes first and then decorate or we will pre bake the cakes for your party and you get to have fun decorating.

4. Brilliant for children & adults alike

No prior skill set is required for our flagship cake decorating parties and workshops, they are perfect for all age groups. From 4 years olds to 94 year olds!

5. We have been hosting cake decorating parties and workshops since 2010

Pia first launch the Vanilla Pod Bakery’s cake decorating parties back in 2010, a year after she officially launched the business. Initially hosting cake decorating workshops for fabulous hen parties. 

6. Up to four different cake decorating parties to choose from!

We host up to four different types of cake decorating parties:

  • Battle of the Cupcakes - Our flagship, and most popular immersive competitive cupcake decorating experience. Brilliant for parties with over 8 guests.
  • The Art of Cupcake Decorating: Flowers & Swirls - This party is a quieter and more gentle workshop compared to our flagship event. We host smaller numbers for this party, to allow each guest the time to learn or improve their cupcake decorating skill set. Each guest will learn how to create beautiful sugar flowers to adorn their cupcakes, as well as learning how to pipe the perfect buttercream swirl. Plus there is the choice to upgrade and learn how to bake the cupcakes too. For groups of up to 6 guests. 
  • Vanilla Pod Bakery’s Cupcake Canvas - This party is brilliant for just letting your guests loose with decorating cupcakes. We provide all the cupcakes and tools required, as well as a Vanilla Pod Bakery host (who can happily provide basic guidance). Your guests then use their creativity to create their own masterpieces. We can happily theme these parties to your requirements too (eg. Unicorn Party, Galaxy, Monster, Under the Sea, Fairytale, Disney, Cars, Superhero’s, Animal, Christmas). This type of party is most popular with our younger clients. Talk to us and choose the amount of cupcakes you would like and either choose 2x per person or 4x person. Cupcake Canvas is for parties of over 10 guests. 
  • Cake Masterpieces - This is our only layer cake decorating party experience. Each guest is given a two-layer cake to buttercream ice and decorate under the guidance of a fabulous Vanilla Pod Bakery host. Our host will show you tips and techniques, then it is over to you to decorate your cake however you would like. Each guest can then take their cake home in a lovely presentation box. For parties of 6 guests and over. 




7. Lastly - It is super fun!

Our cake and cupcake decorating experiences are super fun. It is the perfect opportunity to bond with friends and family, make memories, learn new skills and eat cake! 

All cake decorating parties and workshops can be personalised. 


Book a Cake or Cupcake Decorating Experience for your next party! 

If you would like to book the Vanilla Pod Bakery for your next celebration then please do contact us via our Cake Experiences contact form here or call us on 01242 539019.
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