20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Supplier

We completely understand that commissioning a wedding cake isn’t an everyday occurrence and thinking of what to ask your potential wedding cake creator can leave your mind blank.  

I have put together a list of 20 brilliant questions to ask and think about, so that you feel truly prepared when considering which cake maker you would like to choose for your bespoke wedding cake 😃. 

Please do screen grab the list or print it off, and have it by your side when talking to your potential wedding cake makers.


Vanilla Pod Bakery sketches - cake consultations


20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Supplier

1. Can you create different flavours per tier for our wedding cake? 

2. Do offer different styles of icing finishes for wedding cakes?

3. We have a few allergies/dietary requirements in our wedding party, can you create cupcakes, a separate cake or something to suit these requirements?

4. What size cake portions do you suggest for our xx number of guests if we would like to serve the cake with the evening food? 

5. If, we would like the cake as dessert, what size portions would you suggest?

6. How do you design the wedding cake? Do you create sketches or mock ups of our wedding cake design? Do you have the ability to change these?

7. Can we taste our wedding cake flavours before we make a decision? Do you offer bespoke flavour options?

8. Do you offer consultation appointments? 

9. How do we come up with the size of our wedding cake? What size are your standard tiers?

10. Can we have faux/fake/dummy tiers in our wedding cake and kitchen/cutting cakes kept in the back?

11. If we wanted fresh flowers on the cake, how does this work? Do you work with our florist?

12. Our wedding planner/florist offers venue site visits, is this something you offer?

13. Do you offer sugar flower/sugar cake topper creations?

14. Do you work in a team?  At home? In a commercial kitchen?

15. What happens if you are ill on the lead up to our wedding or on the day? Do you have a back up plan?

16. Who delivers the wedding cake to the venue? How is it transported?

17. Is the cake dressed and set up at the venue or before hand? Who does this?

18. How do we cut the cake? Do the caterers cut at serve the cake?

19. Do you have up to date Health and Hygiene Level 2 certificate? Allergen certificate? Public / employee liability insurance documents? PAT test documents?

20. If we wanted to go ahead and commission you for our wedding cake, what are the next steps?



If you would like to explore wedding cake quotes and design options please contact my Studio Manager, Jo, or schedule an initial wedding cake consultation with myself and we will be more than happy to help.


Pia Cato Vanilla Pod Bakery


P.S. If you think we should add any more questions to this list, please do let me know 😃


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